Party while you workout


Breda’s high end boutique gym

If you're looking for a workout experience that's as unique as it is effective, then you've come to the right place. Our high-end gym is designed with one goal in mind - to help you push yourself to your limits while having a great time.

Our Classes

We take fitness to the next level. Whether you like working out or not, at CLUB DARQ you will. We create various intense workouts in a fun atmosphere, that are accessible to all, will push you to your next level and offer you a sense of community. At our club we have fun, we let it all out and we do it TOGETHER. The instructor, music and energy in the room will guide you through your workout.

Ride it to the rhythm with our total body indoor cycling workout. Different speeds, resistance levels, moves and the use of dumbbells make sure your whole body will feel this workout. It’s almost like dancing on a bike, a smile on your face guaranteed!

Our high-intensity booty training class is designed to help you sculpt and tone your glutes like never before. A challenging workout that combines the use of booty bands, weights, Fitbands and bodyweight exercises to target all the muscles in your glutes. You’ll feel the burn!

Transform yourself with this HIIT-training that combines strength with intense cardio on a trampoline. Discover the many benefits of trampoline bouncing, but most importantly: discover how much fun it is! Burn calories, boost your metabolism and shape that beautiful body.

Breda’s high end boutique gym

We are a pay as you go concept - we offer the flexibility and convenience you need to achieve your fitness goals on your terms. You choose how many credits you buy and when you want to use them.