Where are you located?
Our address is Wilhelminastraat 1, Breda.

What are your opening hours?
We are always open 20 minutes before every class start.

What is the best way to come to the studio?
You can best travel to us by bike or public transport. The nearest bus stop is Wilhelminastraat, Bus 7 stops here. It’s also possible to come by car, but finding a parking spot can sometimes be a challenge and please be aware it’s a paid parking area.

Do you offer beginner classes?
Don’t worry, you don’t need a special class for beginners! All of our classes are accessible to everyone, where ever you are in your fitness journey. Your instructor will always give you different options to choose from in weight/resistance and you may always choose your own pace. There is no shame in taking it easy!

What different classes do you offer?
You can find our variety of classes and their elaborations on https://clubdarq.com/our-classes/

Where can I find the schedule?
Our class schedule is available on https://clubdarq.com/book-a-class/

How do I book a class?
Before you can book a class, please make sure you have credits in your account. Go to https://clubdarq.com/pricing/ and choose the package that suits you best. Once you’ve got your credits, you’re almost there! While logged in to your account press one of the ‘Book a class’ buttons on our website and see which class in our schedule works best for you. Click, book and we will see you soon!

Do I have to create an account?
You do. When you first purchase one or more credits with us, the system will ask you to log in or create an account. Don’t see the option to create an account? Please check if you are in the right place: when you are a new customer you can create an account after choosing the package you want to purchase in our webshop. Go to https://clubdarq.com/pricing/.
You’ll need this account for your credits to be stored in and to make your DARQ class bookings. You can book through the website or download our app.

When I purchase one or multiple credits, am I committing to something long term?
Definitely not! All purchases are one-time purchases and you’re never committed to paying for anything ever again if you don’t want to.

For how long are my credits valid?
Every package has its own expiration date. A single credit is valid for one month. The first timer package is also valid for 1 month. When you purchase 5 credits at once, these will be valid for 3 months. When you purchase 10 credits at once, these will be valid for 6 months. Lastly, when you purchase 20 credits at once, these will be valid for 9 months. Got injured or have another reason why you can’t use your credits in time? Please reach out to us and we promise to find a fitting solution!

Do you offer memberships too?
At the moment, we do not. If this is something you’d be interested in, please let us know so we can take this in consideration for the future. 

How far in advance can I book a class?
Up to two weeks in front.

Oh no! The class I want to book is full. What do I do?
You can sing up for our waiting list and receive an e-mail as soon as a spot opens up. When you receive the e-mail, please hurry! First come, first serve. 

I can’t make it to class. Can I cancel?
Of course, you can. Go to the schedule on our website (https://clubdarq.com/book-a-class/) and click on the class you’ve booked. You can now easily cancel this class by pressing the ‘annuleer reservering’ button. You can also cancel through the app under ‘My Bookings’ or through the Virtuagym website (https://clubdarq.virtuagym.com/). We have a 12-hour cancellation policy. This means if you cancel more than 12 hours before class starts, you’ll receive your credit back. If you cancel less than 12 hours before class starts, you’ll lose your credit.

When do I receive my credit back after cancelling?
This should be back in your account straight away. Please reach out if you haven’t received your credit back after one hour. 

What happens to my credit if I don’t show up to class?
A no-show means you’ll lose the credit you used to book this class.D

Where can I download the app?
CLUB DARQ has partnered with Virtuagym. You can download the Virtuagym Fitness app to get access to our CLUB DARQ app. You can do that here if you have an Android phone and here if you have an Iphone. 

Okay, I got the Virtuagym Fitness app. Now how do I get access to the CLUB DARQ app?
If you log in to your account that you’ve created on our website in the Virtuagym Fitness app, i twill automatically switch to the CLUB DARQ app. 

What can I use the app for?
In the app you can view the schedule, book workouts, buy credits, view invoices, view your bookings and cancel bookings.

What do I wear?! 
Please wear workout clothes that YOU feel comfortable and good in. Express yourself! Don’t forget to bring indoor gym shoes and something to keep you warm after class. Did you book a DARQ RIDE? You may wear SPD cycling shoes or your normal gym shoes, whichever you like! If you want to try to ride with SPD’s before purchasing a pair of your own, please ask us to borrow a pair. We have them available for you! 

What do I bring?
Apart from sportswear and shoes, bring your water bottle. No need to bring a towel to class, we got you covered. If you want to shower after class, do bring your own towel for this please. 

Do you guys have lockers?
Yeah we do! All your stuff will be safely locked away during your workout.

Can I shower after my workout?
Sure! Do bring your own towel, please.

At what time should I arrive @ the club?
The club is open a minimum of 20 minutes before every class. We advise you to come approximately 15 minutes before class. This way, you’ll have time to check in, store your stuff, fill your water bottle and get to know the studio. Check-in closes 5 minutes before class starts.

What do I do as soon as I arrive?
Say hi & check in @ our reception. Please let us know if you are a first timer, we will help you find the way! 

Shit, I’m running late, what now?
If you show up later than 5 minutes before class starts, the doors will be closed and we can’t let you in anymore. We’re sorry about that, but you get it, don’t you

Interested in a trial session? Let us walk you through it!

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